Update Your Readers - new Blog!! And advice needed..

What happened was...I was tired of feeling torn between 2 worlds. And I hate village's blog name and URL so something had to give eventually. And then I came across a blog design that I absolutely LOVED and had to have so over the course of like 5 hours, I bought it, resurrected wordpress, etc etc. Its at www.heythatsniceblog.com

It will carry on much in the same vain as this one, but also with store news, etc. And I'll work much harder at it because I love it and finally I'M ONE PERSON!! I think it will be more interesting too, I'll be doing this new interview series for the labels I carry and other creators...so I think it will be very fun, more diverse and even more personal!!

And I need your opinion/advice:

is it weird for a blog to have a different URL as the store it belongs to? I'm not sure. but now it does. although both link to both of course. Hmm....