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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Some Good Brands on Instagram

I guess that part of my job now is scouting great new designers/creators and/or just seeing whats out there for inspiration (FINALLY I can say I'm working when I look at Instagram. That was my goal all along). Here are a few accounts with great images and great items that I've run across recently..

1. Miss Brown Vintage


A lot of cool 70's vintage inspired things for sale with cool 70's photos. I want all of those striped sweat shirts!

2. Porter James NY


Modern and vintage home designs - I didn't even know furniture could get this great?

3. Na Nin Studio


I think I saw corduroy shoes somewhere therefore it makes me think its a store to watch. (where do these thoughts come from. i don't know). but i like the dreamy hues of the gram and all the white high waisted pants.
Shannon Boyce said...

These look fabulous! Definitely going to check out their instagram pages!

Michelle said...

Hey beautiful! Really amazing tips! Congratulations for the post and the pretty blog!

I'd love to share new things with you, would you like to follow each other?

If so, please subscribe at my channel on YouTube and I'll follow you in your channel, blog, pinterest, etc!

Just subscribe on it and leave a message to me, I'll know it and retribute S2!!


Yalei Wang said...

I love that you've mentioned a brand that I featured on my blog here and also have just been so supportive of all my content as well. I'm so excited to see your shop grow, so happy to support!

DUTA said...

Lovely items! I must admit, however, I'm not a fan of stripes. That's because I'm not tall and slim and stripes don't look good on me.



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