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Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I somehow entered on this rabbit trail of these cool typography/design logos that I thought were so fun! I guess I never really paid attention to actual logos until I had to start thinking of my own me its so stressful - like how i imagine getting a tattoo would be. its why i never got one, how would i ever decide on something so permanent?
I also find that the more decisions I have to make lately the worse I get at making them. For instance, I'm deciding between 2 colors for my logo - and for the life of me...I can't decide. I'm overthinking things, you know? So its way more fun to look at everyone else's logos!

I also thought this brand identity design was amazing!
DUTA said...

Good idea, to look at someone else's logo designs, and then, to make up your own. Why stress yourself as if you have 'to discover America' or something like that.

Matthew Pike said...

It's not easy, which is why I'm planning to pay for something to help me redesign :)

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