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Monday, February 19, 2018

linking you UP!

happy monday!!!! above is me today after a great w/e!
i enjoyed my boyfriends birthday party on saturday, and since his out of town friends were here it turned in to a weekender - and now all of a sudden its monday. but it was such a nice time full of fun, positive happy people that my typical monday grumpiness had no effect, it was great!
then after work my friend made me go for a i might have mentioned i've been totally off the workout train but this was a nice little kickstart. i couldn't even find my running clothes at first and then they smelled musty from the drawer, but hey - i made it and now am enjoying that post run energy...lets see how long it lasts?!
does my tendency to never use capital letters annoy you?

Good Links

+ every instagram travel picture, we are so cliche ;)

+ rise and fall of the waterbed...interesting!

+ I made roasted sweet potato quinoa this week for lunches and it was perfect. But i'd probably add little bit of chicken (carnivore!) and eventually learn how to actually spell or say quinoa.

+ these shoes though!

+ a lingerie brand whose photos are fantastically realistic on their website and instagram. in love.

+ i love this trend where girls are making over their bratz and barbies to look more like real girls

+ i made this creamy white wine gnocchi last week and it was amazing. Sidenote, i used nothing vegan so....maybe thats why it was so good?! (jk vegans, someday i will try it the vegan way)
DUTA said...

I wouldn't have recognized you at all.Your tan seems darker than that in your profile photo,your body rounder. However, the overall picture is lovely and funny!
Glad you had such a good time.
No, I'm not annoyed by non-capital letters use.



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