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Friday, February 9, 2018

Best Links of the Week Feb2018

Sooooo it's Carnival (fasnacht) time in Luzern...which means the city goes crazy for a few days (but still, the garbage is picked up before people start going to work and the streets are pristine...which amazes me about switzerland).  I love it - its such a fun relaxed atmosphere and the costumes are amazing. I don't know how this festival is overlooked by the rest of the world - but if you ever get a chance to visit Luzern during Fasnacht, do!!!!!

Some good links

+ I've been addicted to Man Repeller lately. This article/theory on how to get Instagram likes was really interesting to read - but I think the reader comments were even more interesting!

+ 10 years or so later and I'm still reading I Wrote This For You blog

+ a sweet article on how maybe love is supposed to be boring. (again from man repeller, i tell ya!)

+ this still makes me laugh every time

+ a fascinating article on instagram bots and who pays for them (so against those, if a random person has $$,$$$ followers i can't take them seriously)

+ Maira G studio has some really nice blogger and wordpress themes and they are totally affordable (found via queso suizo)

+ this outfit looks so comfortable and cool. i'll never know because they don't ship to switzerland :(

+ I'm totally charmed by "the cheapest apartment in manhattan" - take the tour here!

+ I love this article on taking your power back on the internet! lets get back to the roots!

+ yes yes yes resin earrings!

little luxury list said...

That small apartment is pretty nuts! I'll just pay for the space and roomies please!

Yalei Wang said...

I read the entire thing of the instagram bots article. Sonja Morgan paid for instagram followers TRUST! She's such a fame whore LOL



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