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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Shop Interiors

Yeah, so, hey that's nice should be opening in about a month! While I'm killing it on the product and buying side of things, the decorating the actual store side of things is. killing. me. It's by far the most stressful part of this whole venture. To me, every single detail is of mass importance because first impressions matter so much...and so I'm almost paralyzed with all the ideas i have and which direction to actually go in. To make matters worse, we put in a new floor and since I'm so bad an envisioning things I'm debating doing it again with another color. Its probably the least of things I should be focusing on (and spending money on) but for some reason it has me totally hung up. Its also hard to find the display things that I want...mostly because I just don't really know how to say certain things in german so it takes a lot of extra time to research everything. Couple all of this with the limited amount of time I have to get shit done...its just overwhelming at the moment. I admittedly had a bit of a tantrum this morning and spent most of Wesleys school hours lounging in bed freaking out. Winning on time management! But ok, it's now 3:30 pm and after a nap I think I'm out of those mental weeds a bit. Maybe it's the full moon?!

So anyway, I wanted to share some of the store interiors that I really like and am drawing inspiration from. What do you think? How much does the interior matter to you?? How much does the floor matter to you?? (i honestly can't remember one floor of a store, tbh).

one // two // three // four

DUTA said...

I admire your courage and adventurous spirit needed to open a store in a foreign country.
You don't have to get stressed at all. Things will gradually come into shape and finalize during the year, through daily contact with the customers and everyone else involved in the project.
I think what matters is the stuff you're going to sell, not so much the interior.

Yalei Wang said...

Literally wish I could hop on a plane and be there to help with decorating. That is SO what i'm into and good at.
I'm so excited to see everything once it's all finished. I'm sure it's gonna be so LIT! It's such an exciting project and despite all the stressful af moments you're also gonna have some pretty rewarding and omg WOW moments too.
Watching this space ;-)


Tine said...

Soooo exciting Krystal! I can't wait to see the result! I think the perfect store is a bit like a museum... it should not distract from the stuff you're selling. But a fancy floor could do a lot :)

little luxury list said...

Ooh you're almost there! I can imagine how daunting it must be to think about all the details. I love interiors and decorating, but would probably similarly be unable to find anything I like at a reasonable cost (do you also miss the sheer numb of options in the US sometimes?)
Good luck with the decor!

Lila said...

I love #2 -Its warm yet clean and simple.
As for the floors- I think that they should add to the overall feel of the place but shouldn't be noticed. If the floors you put in blend into your theme and feel of the place don't worry about it.
A little blanket time not thinking is a good way to spend time -seriously, it boost your brain and energy so glad you took a little time to yourself.
Super excited for you.

Amanda said...

Girl, I am so excited for you! I love a good space, but it is always the products that really draw me in, and I am confident that you will fill your store with beautiful things. I would leave the floor be because you can always change it later. The only flooring that left an impression on me was cork flooring at an organic mattress shop we went to recently. Other than that, I cannot think what the flooring looks like at any of the shops I like popping into for their beautiful little things. You've got this!



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