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Sunday, January 7, 2018


Oh Hi!

This is confusing - but when I was home sick with the flu and delirious I came to an epiphany - and that is that I don't really want to leave this blog behind. So I erased the last post - but...I am still going to blog here. 

I will still have the store "Journal" or blog - but it will be geared more toward the store - and only on the stores website. I realized that this can still be a place for inspiration and life because I still like to document things I want to remember. 

You can still visit and follow along with the new store that is opening here in Luzern in March - and I'll still give updates via this blog sometimes!

Shannon Boyce said...

Definitely exciting that you will continue to post every now and then!

Stacey said...

I missed the last blog post(now deleted), but happy you've decided to hold on to the blog. I haven't been posting as often like in the old days but i still enjoy blogging. I am also very excited about your store. Congrats again:-). x

Yalei Wang said...

Oh please blog often! I love reading blogs so much! ><, ;-)
I hope you'll take lots of photos of your new concept store in March, v,v excited all the way from Melbourne




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