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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Chicken + Kale Salad

I didn't start January with any grand healthy eating gestures because for the past couple months I've been kind of enjoying being bad! having beer when i want! eating bread! not exercising! its legitimately fun. eventually i'll get it together but not quite yet (i'm usually pretty good, but lately im in this 'throwing caution to the wind' type mindset, starting a business, ok! drink beer whenever? ok!

but i digress. this winter chiken and kale salad from i will not eat oysters looks amazing though. and easy. its my inner healthy girl trying to get out
Yalei Wang said...

HAHA! I was totally the same just a couple of weeks back. Bread for breakfast ( toast can't ever really be beaten. It's easy and delicious but alas ) chocolates almost everyday, take out... it was hectic. It took its toll though and my skin started suffering. Now I'm eating vegetables and quinoa, No bread, No sugar and no dairy! My skins gone back to normal but you never ever feel 'full' after dinner.

Lila said...

Just looking at this salad makes me want to be a better person. :)

I am a beer drinker as well and some of the dark beers I enjoy are so heavy and full of calories but I love them, what can I say.

DUTA said...

Yes, it does look a healthy dish: chicken, kale and eggs - good protein and not fattening. I like beer too, but I drink diet black beer, so less damage, I suppose.

Ola said...

nice to take a break from healthy life style:)



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