Honey Cilantro Lime Salmom

aaand here's another healthy recipe.

i did yoga once since the last healthy recipe I posted. and I've at least thought a lot about eating healthy. but "honey" and "salmon" always reel me in. this recipe is from kims cravings

i have to warn you...she doesn't really explain how to make the salad thingy underneath. this drives me crazy in food bloggers. please tell me everything on the plate down to the extra lime i need for garnish.
i am truly an uncreative cook...wait, that's not true. the thing is...i just don't have time to cook. its not in my top priorities so when i want to cook something i just want the recipe and then i'm done. i could eat cereal every night...and so could wesley for that matter, but then i have the guilt. tbh we usually just eat some form of eggs or a quick pesto gnocchi or cheese burger pie (which is actually insanely good, i'll share the recipe next i think)

do you know what else drives me crazy about food bloggers? is the 15 paragraph long story before the actual recipe appears. drives me MENTAL. and they all say the SAME thing. like "i just whipped this up", etc. and then a long story about something not related to the food.

am i cranky today???