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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Eye Glasses

Image I//Image II//Image III

I have been getting migraines a few times a month since I can remember (except when I was pregnant or doing whole30 - unfortunately, both of those are really hard to do consistently) - but for the last few months it seems like I've had a headache almost every single day and I realized that maybe things aren't as clear as I believe? So today I decided to spontaneously get an eye exam and now I need glasses :( Its nothing crazy but he says it will relax my eyes and when I wore the test ones I was SOLD. If this solves the headaches and migraines I'm going to go CRAZY. I'll be so happy.

What do you think of these styles? I guess I kind of have to have fun with the clear or round?!

Do you know of any good brands/styles? Fill me in!

Also...Stranger Things. I'm hooked. post...the new sunglasses trend and I'm so curious what you think..
Stacey said...

Big Stranger Things fan here too and I can't even use my phone without my glasses... Love the styles you show here especially the last one. x

DUTA said...

I like all the frames displayed.
I've been wearing eyeglasses for many years. During the last couple of years I'm loyal to a Pierre Cardin design (not roundish like in your picture, but more rectangular, to suit my face which is not small); the upper part and the bridge and temples are thin metal; the lower part - nothing, neither metal nor plastic). My sunglasses are more or less the same style.

Hope it solves your migraine problem.

Shannon Boyce said...

Loving these glasses! They are so stylish.

Lila @ Justnibble said...

Stranger things...yes

You should check out Mr Robot. I am hooked.



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