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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nature and Village News

Last weekend we took a trip to the Nature Museum in Luzern and I almost (almost) felt like a kid again. It was really cool. And inspiring I guess because I took a million pictures. A+ to that museum! (even more pics on my insta).

BTW, I mentioned it before, but I'm still in the process of changing Village and working on opening a store and the new name is Hey That's Nice. Important I need an apostrophe in 'that's'? It drives me crazy. But I think I need it. Be honest! Also, if you're interested in seeing the list of names that me, Wesley and my friends thought of, let me know and maybe I'll post it. Its kind of funny.

I started a website but the design is pending - so for now its like a wordpress theme...Funny story - I asked for design help on Twitter and BIG I received so many tweets and messages and even Linked In requests and then even more follow up emails so careful what you ask for on Twitter!!

I'll be starting a Newsletter, probably in December. Here is the link if you want to sign up! Then you can look forward to a silly email from me on Mondays with cool links, nice things, maybe some articles here and there - and progress reports on Hey Thats Nice! The Hey That's (thats?) Nice Instagram is also a great way to keep in touch because its my favorite out of all of these. But either way I'll at least keep filling you in here on the progress!



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