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Monday, November 20, 2017

links i email my friends

Happy Mondayyyyy. And breathe.
So, I'll be starting the newsletter for the new blog/shop in December - you can sign up here. Here's the deal....its going to highlight shop progress so that you can stay up to date behind the scenes but its also going to be fun with interesting articles, links, etc...anything that I would like to get in a newsletter basically. I'll send it only weekly so that I won't overwhelm either of us..
Links I Email My Friends
+ People matching art
+ a very scary article about our "attention". do you see yourself in this?
+ a beautiful article by a 57 year old on what life lessons she wish she had learned at 27
+ in case you're curious how to make a fur cover for your phone (not that i was...)
 + my phone case provider of choice - noreve. i had a really hard time finding a nice case for my blackberry (wierd!) but i eventually found their website and ordered the grey standard leather case for my blackberry and its beauuuutiful. also, comes packaged very nicely!



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