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Friday, September 22, 2017

Interesting Links

Whats up? This weekend I'm in Amsterdam with some girls. ladies. what age are we anyway? Do you have any recommendations? That photo is from when I was there 2 years ago!

But anyway, here are some links I thought were interesting this week:

+ From a blackberry lover to you and your new iPhone....the iPhone dongle!

+ But then...the problem with our phones. yikes.

+ A really great article at remembering our advantages when we're discussing inequality (via)

+ This article (not that I googled it or anything): 5 Things to Do When Your Child Isn't Listening

+ I liked seeing the wallpaper inside this detroit fixer upper. and then also this church in London that was converted to an INSANE house.

+ These wall sconces on Amazon are so cool. (via )

+ On wearing whatever. you. want.

+ 12 awesome pieces of art for kids

rooth said...

That Detroit home is beautiful, isn't it?! But I imagine ALL the wallpaper scraping you'd have to do and think NVM

Linn said...

Nice photo :)
Have a great day

Ashley said...

The 'problem with our phones' video makes me want to throw mine out the window!



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