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Friday, September 15, 2017

8 things I'm up to

I think today it finally hit me that fall is here so like every girl ever I took a picture of my feet and the leaves and my coat happened to match the leaves which elevated the photo a little and then obviously instagrammed it.

Here are some things I'm up to...what are you up to?

8 Things:

+ I'm in the middle of "move blog from blogger, do everything wrong at wordpress, take forever to figure it all out" hell. btw.
+ Wondering if I'm the only one who has to google instructions on how to cook rice or quinoa or couscous every. single. time?
+ Giving in and ordering some makeup from NYC's Glossier as its reached cult status and I have to see if the boy brow is everything all these insta girls claim it is.
+ Made this roasted vegetables with Quinoa with this sauce that is insane good. and healthy. and filling.
+ Spending my train rides listening to the Podcast "Open Account" by Suchin Pak. Each episode is an interview with someone about money and how they think about it and handle it - such interesting stories so far.
+ Working on and dreaming of my branding for the new blog, Chemistry, and feeling the fever of opening a store, working with brands and highlighting people who make beautiful things. Do you know any talented souls with creative style to recommend for building a wordpress theme for the blog?
+ Instablogging.
+ Frequently checking back at this instagram account: masha.socialmedia - I somehow stumbled across her and started to read her posts about instagram and social media in general - and its truly solid advice - she's practical, witty and most importantly, knows what she's talking about. I highly recommend her if you're interested!
Shannon Boyce said...

Love this! And I constantly google everything. Recipes included!

Krystal // Village said...


Lulu Soler said...

Thanks for stopping by The Laurel Lane! I buy my quinoa and rice from Trader Joe's in the freezer section. 3 minutes in the micro and you're done :) It's delish too!


SHON said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

brandi said...

I have to Google how to hard boil eggs every.single.time.

Krystal // Village said...

haha brandi i love you

rooth said...

I have the Glossier invisible shield and I really like it!



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