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Friday, June 23, 2017

Tradono Interview

So today I feel a little bit special because Simone, the PR manager at Tradono interviewed me for their blog! You can read it (or not read it) here!

The Startup Tradono is a flea market app which was founded in Denmark 3 years ago and last year was implemented in Switzerland. It was recently even featured on as one of 10 Danish startups to watch out for - so if you love flea markets, but also love to stay in bed on Saturday mornings...definitely get this downloaded :D

I've been using it for maybe a year now (maybe you remember I mentioned it in a blog post). Since then Simone and I have been writing back and forth about random things, Tradono and apps and I've been able to share some ideas on what could be improved from a users perspective, etc- and I've really enjoyed the discussion with her. Since I started using it, I've definitely seen many improvements to the app and its functionality - and I'm excited to see what else is in store for it!

And obviously, if you're reading this and you're in Switzerland - you can download the Tradono app on google play, join in the fun and then checkout my shop!


DUTA said...

I've enjoyed reading the Tradono interview and learn a few things about you.
It's natural to take interest in fashion when one is blessed with a figure like yours - tall and slender and with good taste. You're also lucky to be in Switzerland, the heart of Europe and of everything beautiful. I'm sure you'll do great in fashion and wish you to get your own shop soon.

I love flea markets and markets in general. Tradono app. sounds exciting.



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