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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ikou Tschüss

Its time now for the Swiss Design Awards and Art Basel and so I imagine that Basel is the place to be in Switzerland right now. I've been stalking all the insta photos and hoping that my small window of opportunity on thursday brings me there. Here's a designer/brand that I ran across - Ikou Tschüss - that I can't get enough of - scarves, blankets, hats, gloves, dresses, clothes, etc...find more on their instagram (@ikou_tschuss) or website. And my insta where now you can see whats happening on the blog and much more! (@chemistry_ch)

DUTA said...

Lovely items! No wonder, Iko Tschuss being the collaboration of two of italian descent, raised in Zurich (Switzerland) who worked in Paris (France) and New-York(USA).Only beauty comes out of such a combination of cultures and backgrounds.

Ronald jeffery said...

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