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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Daniel Zender Umbrellas

Every year I'm surprised by how much it rains in Switzerland. Every year. I'm also surprised by how many times I lose my now I've stockpiled some in the office, at home, hidden in the train station (jk), etc etc. should I add one of these to my collections?!
DUTA said...

Charming two umbrellas!
Good idea to have one placed strategically at different places: home, work, car etc..
I have the same habit of forgetting or loosing umbrellas. That's why I won't buy an expensive one. Anyway, we don't have much rain in our parts.

Matthew Pike said...

I'm keen

Buckets & Spades

shayndel said...

Cute umbrellas!!
Just taking a trip around the world, via Duta`s blog! It`s rainy season in Japan, so we see many pretty umbrellas here now so I enjoyed seeing yours!



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