Zeus Ring

  this ring is so badass.

Les Bains

a hotel in paris and their interior designer who was on point (also an interesting history ) where: Les Bains, Paris (images via design...


thanks to the Urban Soul Project , this gets to be someones LIVING ROOM AHGHHHH (discovered via designmilk )

Do Ho Suh

currently: feeling jealous of Londoners and all of the cool exhibits that they have access to. this current installation at Victoria Miro...

Milo Made // Pottery

someone tell me how (short of just showing up to their studio one day and awkwardly begging them to take me in) I can quit my job, live in...

Modernist Estates

A few weeks back I posted about some books that I had on my buy list - so I bought Modernist Estates and devoured it. Its provides an insi...



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