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Friday, January 13, 2017

What am I doing??

Happy Friday everyone! I can't get over this epic mural in Luzern at the Neubad. The Neubad is this old pool that they've turned in to kind of a cultural venue - it has a delicious café/bar, atelier and hosts many events like concerts (in the old pool sometimes), film nights, discussion nights about the city/culture, etc. Its a really cool place. now I just need to learn german better.
Here are some Links from around the internet this past week:
+ Hoping I can wear  this exact outfit somewhere
+ Actually reading through the archives in this cool online magazine that I found (North Mag). Their music taste won me over.
+ During those good mood groovy feeling times, listening to From Disco to Disco
+ Feeling a little financially inspired (and itchy to get some priorities straight) by reading this article about people who retire in their 30's and then also watching that Minimalism Documentary that everyone is talking about. Despite the hype, I actually really liked it. They aren't crazy, but actually super practical and it makes sense. (now can I sell the online copy that I bought? :/)
+ Listening to the new Bonobo Album. like, right at this exact moment actually.
+ Maintaining interest in my blog again. Also, thinking of a rebranding. new name/new look.

Special Question!
Do you guys like Newsletters? What do you think about them? Do you subscribe to any? Which ones do you subscribe to? What topics do you like?

rooth said...

I'm a big fan of wearing slips outside of the home :) Hope it warms up soon enough to do that



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