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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The story of a Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat

You guyyyys, I actually partnered with a company to like...actually review something. I don't know what got in to me, but when I looked at the website I couldn't really resist, and so I did it. Are we still friends? I DIDN'T SELL OUT!

Uncommon Goods wrote to me and he was all nice and I was all like OK? I think they even spelled my name correctly. And I got to pick whatever I wanted!  

I said yes because I checked out the website (and xmas is coming and my birthday) and they had cool things like gifts that get personal like family mugs (amazing). And its Xmas time and I was like "I could get a Christmas present" but then I got something for myself anyway (which happens everytime I go Christmas shopping).

But I really like them - they are all about the popular key words that should be important to all of us...sustainability, supporting artisans, evolution, etc. Each product seems to have a story but I finally chose one because I'm a hippy now and all in to yoga. So I chose the Recycled Wetsuits Yoga Mat a. because its pretty b. because I've needed a yoga mat for like a year and I didn't want a bright pink one which is all I can find. c. its recycled which sounds good and d. Its really pretty.

And I love it. So there's that. I've been using it for about a month and it makes me happy. Its a little on the heavy side but I've never carried another yoga mat so is that normal? And I actually don't have to carry this ever so its fine.

The end.

P.S. Thank you Uncommon Goods!!!!
P.P.S There are so many great Xmas present ideas and men are hard to shop for so here are ideas for the men in your life

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Amanda said...

Yes, we're still friends! Haha! I partnered with them too like a year and a half ago. Ha! Lots of good gifts. I will go have a look because their stuff is up my alley AND I haven't found anything for Isaiah yet!!!!

Matthew Pike said...

Love the texture. Those UGs guys have good stuff.

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