New Years

  Everyone, have a safe, happy and fun new years! See you in 2017! I use to always get anxious on New Years because I felt like I hav...

Goula/Figuera Lights

 Incredible light fixtures by Barcelona based Goula / Figuera   (discovered via design milk Instagram )

Penlope Umbrico Photograper

Prolific photographer Penelope Umbrico stuns with her work - above are silhouettes in sunsets and sunsets. beautiful! (these are whole ...

Mathias Kiss

photo by eem studio discovered by   When something stops you in your tracks, moves you, so you...

Gift Idea

Ha! @ Friend Mart

What am I doing?

Image by me from a Maurizio Cattelan exhibit which reminds me of me when I actually write a blog post. Who knows. 80% of the time I hav...

The story of a Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat

You guyyyys, I actually partnered with a company to like...actually review something. I don't know what got in to me, but when I look...



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