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Friday, September 9, 2016

What am I Doing?


Trying a little something different instead of weekend links this time...I love these kinds of lists so now I'm making one! Enjoy!

+ LOOOVING this instagram account of a guy (above!) (Guirec) who sails the world with his pet hen (Monique)  that he met 2 years ago and immediately clicked with. (clucked with?)

+ I finished reading Get Sh*t Done by Niall Harbison. This book will motivate your inner entrepreneur or get shit done-er...go read it. now.
+ Still being addicted to Snapchat/trying to use it. My username is: krystalespeland . I think. Now the internet knows.

+ Listening to the most beautiful song in german (said no one ever?) on repeat. if you like dancey electric music, please listen.

+ After my 3 week camper van trip in Spain, I'm crushing on all things camper van, especially the Van Crush Instagram account and dreaming of my own.

+ Already scoping out my 2017 planner, this one looks cool...

+ Getting involved with Depop - an app where you can easily buy and sell things. I'm kind of impressed with all of the cool things that people are selling on it. I guess Tradono is the Swiss version but doesn't seem as curated.

+ Drinking an almond milk cappuccino every morning. If you have an espresso maker and a milk it!

+ Perusing the sale section of Upper Metal Class because those items will not be made again! go!

+ Wondering how awful super short hair would look on me but how Ulyana Sergeenko's runway show makes me want it anyway

+ Browsing an interesting and educational amount of short films in 360... at Within

+ Daydreaming of a 5 hour work day. Here's a guy who did it in his company and what he thought.

What are you doing??
rooth said...

I love the Get to Work notepads but I'm basically a sucker for anything paper-related

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...
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Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

You always know the coolest things! I love the long wave bracelet and the Presence cuff ring (insert heart-shaped-eyed emoji here) :-)

I really like my Happy Journal by Create365, because it has space for everything, you can get stickers with motivational quotes to stick on specific days when you need a boost, and it's customizable. But I have also just found this 30-day journal and I am dying to give it a try:

Matthew Pike said...

The 5 hour day read looks interesting, I've saved that for later today.

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