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Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekend Links

Have a splendid weekend you guys! This picture is one of my favorites from my recent vacation. Its from a pink salt lake in Torrevieja (south of Alicante). By far one of the coolest things I did in Spain! you completely float when you get in and the shore is just pure white salt. Its so beautiful and most of the pictures don't even do it justice!

Anyway, here are a few fun links from around the web...

+ Are you on Snapchat yet? I'm slightly addicted. 

 + "Treat people like dirt, and they will be dirt. Treat them like human beings, and they will act like human beings". Norway proves that treating a prisoner like a human being works. An interesting read on open prisons.

+ Sometimes I wonder....a roundup of some of the interesting shoes from paris fashion week.

+ I need this dress in my life

+ On being frugal 
Shannon Boyce said...

That is too cute! I hope you have an amazing weekend :)

DUTA said...

Great picture! I've heard about a pink lake in Australia, not in Spain.

Matthew Pike said...

What's your Snapchat username?

Buckets & Spades

rooth said...

That lake is gorgeous. And don't you just love lifehacker?



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