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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I'm sure the company Away and their super cool trendy suitcases has caught your attention already...and predictably, I really love them and want one so bad. Also it has built in cell phone chargers. But what really pulled me in? Their cool Instagram account, tbh - just cool people looking cool with their cool away suitcases and other cool photos that sometimes have nothing to do with suitcases. Basically I'm just fascinated at how they make suitcases look so cool and wondering what kind of target audience I fall in to? The only reason I haven't ordered one is because shipping to Switzerland for some reason is as much as it costs to raise a child and I might as well keep paying the overweight luggage fee with my old huge suitcase as it would still be cheaper? #willneverbecool
P.S. Where did this year go?

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rooth said...

Super fancy looking suitcase - I can't justify that knowing how much mine get beat up during my travels

Linn Michelsen said...

Have a nice day sweety :) looking forward to yiur new site...

DUTA said...

Not everyone is looking for a 'cool' suitcase. What I want of a suitcase is :that it be made of light but durable material, spacious, good silent wheels, practical color.

krystal said...

@duta, i think these are really nice suitcases!! i'm just fascinated by their marketing!

Ola said...

Nice to be young and have a cool suitcase 😀



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