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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Links and Things

My eyes like this piece by Italian artist Leonardo Ulian (found on Colossal). Read more about them here.

An insightful and interesting article on sharing in social media, the evolution and the future (snapchat). read it here! and what did you think?
This article was the catalyst to an internet rabbit hole trail (what is the phrase? was that right?) about flip phones and the benefit of disconnecting a little. I have to admit, I'm tempted..."The Coolest Girl You Know Probably Uses a Flip Phone"

Wedding advice from a Cool Girl

Adding Life off Grid to my 'movies to see' pinterest board. Sometimes living off the grid sounds so delicious. Remember when we did?
Shannon Boyce said...

I need to read the piece on the flip phone. Because honestly...disconnecting a bit sounds super tempting these days.

lisameilgaard said...

I like this picture!
Lisa from

DUTA said...

Very impressive mandala! And yet, very delicate work. All those electronic components it's made of, are as we all know, tiny ,thin and sensitive.

Amanda said...

I guess I am one of those "olds" that Snapchat is trying to keep out because I do not have it and I don't really get the whole point of it. Honestly, I really should just go back to a flip phone. Haha! (or the tiny prepaid Nokia I had when I lived in CH)

Matthew Pike said...

The Snapchat article was really interesting. I found it so tricky to use but a week after I was flying, and it quickly took over my daily use of the others. Really interesting piece.

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