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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Look at this art

First, I apologize for picture quality, we all now how important that is! BUT, I had to share these paintings. I just saw them on a Secondhand group on FB for Luzern - and I thought that they are so beautiful - they are going for 800chf each I believe...but i can just see the quality in these, right?
Life's a shoe said...



rooth said...

The upper left... beautiful

Ashley said...

love the title of this post. HAHA.

And these are GORGEOUS.

M said...

loving all of the art on your blog!
but NOT loving that i missed you in switzerland last week!!!!
we must meet soon!

Linn Michelsen said...

Hi sweety :)
Long time no see, and how are you?
It is good to see your blog is still up and many of the once i used to read are not up anymroe :)

Have a great day

Meena Angel said...

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M said...

cool art! i love art :)
let's meet already, though?!



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