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Friday, January 8, 2016

work hard, play hard?

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Does anyone NOT have a resolution to work out more? I've been a runner since college - but lately I'm having some severe discipline problems! I blame winter! and who wants to run in the dark! (actually, I do since I'm so out of shape now, no one needs to see my running!) So with this "new start" feeling..I'm looking forward to trying my best this year to make it a habit (habits are the new goals). and maybe sometimes I skip out on the miles I should be doing - but as long as I show up and make an effort, i am ok with that.

But anyway, this instagram account makes working out look so pretty..
Matthew Pike said...

I like getting new gear. this year I reckon I'm just going to buy black, hide them lumpy areas...

Buckets & Spades

rooth said...

Ugh, you're reminding me, I need to head to the gym this evening...



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