New Years

Happy New Year! Has it started well? Did you make any resolutions that you're okay with breaking?

I just returned from 3 weeks in India and I can't wait to share some of my pictures (some of which maybe are already on Instagram). It was...insane. and Wonderful. I miss it a lot and am having a crazy time re-adjusting.

I was looking back on 2015 in pictures and it has been full of siezing the moments, unforgettable memories, new friends, low lows, high highs, new relationship phases and getting to know myself more. I remember at the beginning I was a little off center and had high expectations for fun and clarity...and I find that while time didn't solve all my problems, memories from the year exceeded any of my wildest expectations and I'm leaving it having learned more about myself and in a relatively calm state. 2015 was about fun and a little bit of selfishness...I think 2016 has a zen, keep it together, improving myself, spending meaningful time with, focusing on and giving to others while working towards my goals vibe - but also lots of fun ;) So I'll be navigating that and figuring it out!

So here is to 2016, let us all be well!