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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Entertaining Links

(Above picture: Amazing street art by Mateo, "Forgotten Memories)

Happy Happy weekend everyone! Heres a random little round up of random little links for you, tell me if they are boring!

+ Entertaining: Pinterest 'hacks' that don't actually work

+ 12 Fashion Designers re-design Christmas Sweaters for Mashable

+ Pretty/Sophisticated Nurseries 

+ Decorating with Eucalyptus 

+ A cool D.I.Y. latch hook (remember that?!) rug idea

+ Maryanne Moodie, beautiful wall tapestries 

+ A beautiful bag, its like a pillow 

+ Im going to just face it finally. black is my favorite color. this coat is amazing.

+ Impressive kitchen makeover

+ A seriously beautiful Instagram to follow (indiansummer)

+ When cut out snowflakes actually look cool (as opposed to any i've tried)



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