Pictures from the last week

Right, hi. I love just coming out of the blue to surprise you. My life has been so disorganized and already today I did so many things to fix this - so now I feel like I can relax my brain a little and thats always when I turn to this blog. Its still comforting to come back and see your comments and visit your blogs (even though i'm not commenting, i'm still browsing on my commutes!).

The pictures above are from the last week, paleo meals, balthazar in concert (sorry to not be able to take the photo cred), the little guy. Ive been trying to take more pictures lately.

Have a great weekend. Tonight (Fri) i spent on domesticity and relaxing. Tomorrow is cooking, visiting a new store with a friend, making almond milk cappucinos with cinnamon, a dinner party (fish tacos!) and then a night of dancing to one of my favorite bands. Sunday will be for brunch and cooking (Im doing whole30 this month).

Hope yours is great!