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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On Gift Wrapping

This year my Christmas gifts are getting the leftover Christmas wrap treatment, especially since Im leaving the country for a trip to India for most of December - I definitely don't have time to order pretty gift wraps, much less do actual christmas shopping, etc.

But Im really appreciating these beautiful wrapping papers over at Of a Kind.

Tell me, how do you wrap your presents? Is it worth it to scour the internet looking for (and paying for) beautiful wrapping papers or do you just grab whatever is at your nearest store and call it good? Im torn between the two - I really love to give a beautifully wrapped gift...but on the other hand, I love any gift however its wrapped!

p.s. some more ways to wrap it
p.p.s. cheap d.i.y. gift wrap ideas
Amanda said...

A trip to India for most of December?? How amazing! Re: gift wrap, I also love a beautifully wrapped gift, but I am definitely a grab what's at the store kind of Christmas shopper. For other times of year like a birthday or thank you gift, I might look for special paper, but at Christmas, it's convenience all the way!



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