I just finished my fourth Whole30 (a month of strict paleo) and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen...meal planning, preparing, cooking, cleaning it up, etc. Before I always grew so tired of it but this time, I was/am loving it. I love the kitchen...I love playing music, I love that Wesley is playing at my feet and chatting with me, I love that his little hands reach up to try whatever I'm cutting and I love giving him pieces of red pepper, apple peels, spoons from paleo muffin mix, etc. And its all good for him. I love how cooking lately has turned in to quality time with him - how he wants to "help" and taste things, and we talk about it. It was completely joyful and so much fun this time with him around to keep me company.
So hence, my eye and dreams for kitchens lately. Arent these pretty...
(images via: scandinavian interior design, b.a.s, desire to inspire)