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Monday, November 23, 2015

Interesting Links

image via swiss miss

Happy Monday morning everyone! Here are some links to get you through that morning commute or coffee at your desk ;) Have a great one!

+ An 18 year old Instagram star re-edits her photos to tell the truth behind them. I really loved this.

+ This etsy shop has some killer engagement rings, this one is my favorite

+ Interesting article on children and screen time

+ My curiosity is peaked about this FairPhone - a sustainable phone where you can easily switch out the parts that you want to upgrade, etc.

+ Iconic Hip Hop Photography - cool browse

+ I ordered this book and this book from and this book from amazon. what are you reading?

+ I love how this teacher starts class everyday 

+ Amidst all of the online debating about refugees, one tweets how hard it actually is to get to america. (and they are only bosnian)

rooth said...

Those rings are beautiful and very muted

Amanda said...

the screen time stuff has me freaked out! for a few weeks we only allowed Hunter screen time on the weekends and it was working out. He'd ask for a show, and we'd say, when do you get to watch that, and he's say, "at the weekend." well, I am on my own in the afternoons with him and the baby now and while I am feeding her I put on an episode of Little Pim and he's OK, but I really don't like that I am doing that. I feel like I can't go back now. oy!



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