Interesting Links

image via swiss miss

Happy Monday morning everyone! Here are some links to get you through that morning commute or coffee at your desk ;) Have a great one!

+ An 18 year old Instagram star re-edits her photos to tell the truth behind them. I really loved this.

+ This etsy shop has some killer engagement rings, this one is my favorite

+ Interesting article on children and screen time

+ My curiosity is peaked about this FairPhone - a sustainable phone where you can easily switch out the parts that you want to upgrade, etc.

+ Iconic Hip Hop Photography - cool browse

+ I ordered this book and this book from and this book from amazon. what are you reading?

+ I love how this teacher starts class everyday 

+ Amidst all of the online debating about refugees, one tweets how hard it actually is to get to america. (and they are only bosnian)