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Monday, November 30, 2015

Light Installation

I came across this on the interweb and thought Id share it... Malaysian artist, Jun Hao Ong, constructed this brilliant LED star as part of a public arts festival. It is a testament to the political and cultural climate of his country (the building is set in what was once a significant and thriving industrial port). I wish I could see this in real life!
- more on the project
- Jun Hao Ong website

D.I.Y. Plywood Mirror

I just love this D.I.Y. idea from The Merrythought. It would add something visual to the room, you could get creative with it, endless possibilities. Love.

p.s. a faux fur tote d.i.y
Friday, November 27, 2015

"Le Tigre"

I love this print. It think its just Wesleys style.
Found on The Citezenry
Thursday, November 26, 2015


Yeah, Im posting about tupperware boxes. But if I could own any tupperware boxes forever and ever it would be these and not these dumb ones from ikea that keep spilling in my purse (which actually says nothing about the quality, but about my absentminded morning rushes)
spotted on design crush
purchase here
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On Gift Wrapping

This year my Christmas gifts are getting the leftover Christmas wrap treatment, especially since Im leaving the country for a trip to India for most of December - I definitely don't have time to order pretty gift wraps, much less do actual christmas shopping, etc.

But Im really appreciating these beautiful wrapping papers over at Of a Kind.

Tell me, how do you wrap your presents? Is it worth it to scour the internet looking for (and paying for) beautiful wrapping papers or do you just grab whatever is at your nearest store and call it good? Im torn between the two - I really love to give a beautifully wrapped gift...but on the other hand, I love any gift however its wrapped!

p.s. some more ways to wrap it
p.p.s. cheap d.i.y. gift wrap ideas


I just finished my fourth Whole30 (a month of strict paleo) and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen...meal planning, preparing, cooking, cleaning it up, etc. Before I always grew so tired of it but this time, I was/am loving it. I love the kitchen...I love playing music, I love that Wesley is playing at my feet and chatting with me, I love that his little hands reach up to try whatever I'm cutting and I love giving him pieces of red pepper, apple peels, spoons from paleo muffin mix, etc. And its all good for him. I love how cooking lately has turned in to quality time with him - how he wants to "help" and taste things, and we talk about it. It was completely joyful and so much fun this time with him around to keep me company.
So hence, my eye and dreams for kitchens lately. Arent these pretty...
(images via: scandinavian interior design, b.a.s, desire to inspire)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Easy Paleo

I thought I would share one of my most recent favorite paleo meals with you (in case you're looking? if not ignore? or still try it? is anyone else doing paleo or whole30 this month like me?). This is super easy - I just chop and fry a few pieces of bacon and add the tomatos in eventually. Maybe even a dash of balsamic vinegar would add another layer of flavor, but this is really great! (Recipe via cooking with cakes)
Monday, November 23, 2015

Interesting Links

image via swiss miss

Happy Monday morning everyone! Here are some links to get you through that morning commute or coffee at your desk ;) Have a great one!

+ An 18 year old Instagram star re-edits her photos to tell the truth behind them. I really loved this.

+ This etsy shop has some killer engagement rings, this one is my favorite

+ Interesting article on children and screen time

+ My curiosity is peaked about this FairPhone - a sustainable phone where you can easily switch out the parts that you want to upgrade, etc.

+ Iconic Hip Hop Photography - cool browse

+ I ordered this book and this book from and this book from amazon. what are you reading?

+ I love how this teacher starts class everyday 

+ Amidst all of the online debating about refugees, one tweets how hard it actually is to get to america. (and they are only bosnian)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

(good) smelly thing

im not sure that i would ever even light this, its too pretty. but the sandalwood manly smell would be nice. or maybe i'd light it and keep the jar for something. because i hoard things. its tough being a minimalist - slash - hoarder!
(by saturdays surf nyc)
Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pictures from the last week

Right, hi. I love just coming out of the blue to surprise you. My life has been so disorganized and already today I did so many things to fix this - so now I feel like I can relax my brain a little and thats always when I turn to this blog. Its still comforting to come back and see your comments and visit your blogs (even though i'm not commenting, i'm still browsing on my commutes!).

The pictures above are from the last week, paleo meals, balthazar in concert (sorry to not be able to take the photo cred), the little guy. Ive been trying to take more pictures lately.

Have a great weekend. Tonight (Fri) i spent on domesticity and relaxing. Tomorrow is cooking, visiting a new store with a friend, making almond milk cappucinos with cinnamon, a dinner party (fish tacos!) and then a night of dancing to one of my favorite bands. Sunday will be for brunch and cooking (Im doing whole30 this month).

Hope yours is great!



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