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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


It was my second time in CPH, this time was for a work trip but we tried our best to have some fun on the side (nailed it). I love that city and I love all the cute danish people and the danish pastries and how they ride their bikes everywhere and you see them all commuting in the morning and how nice they are! I think I was meant for Scandinavia! I like taking pictures a lot again so maybe this space will be more interesting now!

rooth said...

You had me at pastries!

sonia de macedo said...

I'm dying to visit Denmark. There's something so curious and chic about the way this part of the world ride bicycles. Where I live, most of the time cyclists are just so freaking annoying.


Amanda said...

Cool pictures for sure... yeah, I am wondering about those pastries. I am a big fan of cheese danishes -- they must be awesome in the land of their birth ;) So, any plans for the Espeland fam to move to Scandinavia? Even though I have never been, I am kind of dreaming about moving to Norway...

Matthew Pike said...

is that bacon on that plate?

Buckets & Spades

Barbara said...

I wasn't very luck when I visited last summer.. it was raining cats & dogs, but I hope I'm able to return soon and have a different view of the city with better weather, because I really think it is a cool city

M said...

LOVE copenhagen! can't wait to see you somewhere in this crazy world!


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I hope you had a fantastic time in Copenhagen! I haven't been there since I left over 16 years ago, so I hope you'll share lots more photos so I can live vicariously :-)

M said...

I'm off to italy this week by the way!

Melissa Blake said...

Can I steal that bed?? It looks so cozy... xoxo

Louise said...

Oh, nice! We're planning our first trip to Copenhagen with an eye to living there this summer. You confirm everything that makes it appeal to me!

Rachel Dahl said...

I love the line "all the cute danish people and danish pastries!" :) I can't believe you put those two in the same sentence! hehe. Enjoy the trip! It looks so lovely. Wish I could travel right now.


M said...

did you check out my geneva post?!
wish we had met!!
know we will one day!

M said...

ps. how was your trip to the USA?!

M said...

where'd you go?!
xx.M lol :P

M said...

going to croatia this week!
when are we meeting already!?


M said...

SCOTLAND is my next european trip!
for my 30th!
wanna party in a castle!
any suggestions?!


M said...

where did you go!? miss your posts!



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