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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Links

image one // image two

Happy Sunday all you fine people! How has the weekend been? Mine has been great so far, time with friends, one cute Wesley, late night dancing last night and today we get to go celebrate a 2nd birthday! Enjoy yours...

Links You Might Like
+ Beyonce songs re-written as Thesis titles..funny
+ Pretty brown smokey cat eye 
+ 3 Ingredient Paleo Banana Pudding - so good
+ I bought this red sweater from she-inside and I actually love it
+ I probably need this swiss cross pillow
+ This London house for 3 mil is for sale...can you imagine?  (also, it has a spaceship in the attic)
+ Printable color-in Valentines Cards, cool for kids

On Village This Week
+ Photo from a Sunday Drive
+ The perfect industrial room
+ Paris in the winter
+ What I'm wearing to Berlin
+ Kids, turbans and panda earrings: Loving
+ An Amazing London Town Home

*Thanks to Buckets and Spades and Katrina Sophia for including me in their weekend links - so see some other great round ups HERE and HERE

Nanne said...

You always come up with such great links - thanks for sharing :)

Claire said...

ahhhh great links, always need another excuse to be on the computer haha

Amanda said...

That grey sweater, love, and the 2nd picture with the girl in the hat, I so see you wearing that outfit. btw, love a smokey cat eye with a pale lip. When I wear makeup (like hardly ever), it's my go-to look (though not always with the cat eye effect). Happy Sunday! today picnic in the park, yesterday a 1st birthday with a taquero doing the catering. do you know this type of taco man catering?

Barbara said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I haven't done much! just went out for lunch and stayed home the whole weekend and it hasn't stopped raining all day

M said...

loved YOU in the PV hat!!! thanks for sharing!

not making it to geneva just yet!
going to STOCKHOLM this weekend though!
Welcome to join! I'm only there the 15th (saturday)! Fly in late friday and leave sunday!!!
email me if you will join!




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