Browse Valentines Day

Do you celebrate the Valentines Day? We are not such fans of it over here, but I don't mind giving it a nod - and I don't mind getting/giving a small gift. And I do have a small little gift planned for my girls!
But anyway, here are some fun Valentine's posts from around the web that I thought I'd share...enjoy!

1. Heart of Gold (via Swiss Miss)
2. Valentines Cards ideas (via Design Crush)
3. Printable Colorable Valentines (via Small for Big)
4. Valentines DIY's to enjoy all year round (via Apartment Therapy)
5. My Valentines Card Ideas from last year
6. BHLD has Valentines cards
7. Lauren Hope Valentines Gift pack earrings

P.S. These grumpy cat cards are also really funny :)