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Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 5 Books of 2013

Here's a list of my top 5 books from 2013 (you can see the top 5 from 2012 here). Seeing as how I spent HALF the year reading Game of Thrones I had to give it a spot, even though its not my normal reading genre (butimean, its good)

1. Far From the Tree - Probably the most interesting book I've ever read - on the identity of parents and parenting children with different challenges (dwarfism, deafness, giftedness, autism, etc) - this gave me a completely different perspective on each of the 'disabilities' written about.
2. Replay - on what it would be like to keep living life over and over again (and being aware of it) - want to try it with that lost love? new career? it definitely makes you think a little.
3. Gone Girl - the ending. oh my gosh.
4. The Fault in Our Stars - Some teen lit for you - but very moving and will make you cry.
5. A Game of Thrones - do I need to explain this one?

Do you have any recommendations for 2014?

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Already read Game of Thrones (and the subsequent 3, I am on A Dance With Dragons, but it's dragging on) and currently reading Gone Girl. Considering The Fault In Our Stars, it sounds sad and bittersweet, like Lovely Bones.

Nnenna said...

Love #3-5 and I haven't read the first two! If you like teen lit you might also love Eleanor & Park- it was one of my favorite books of 2013!

samantha ramage said...

loved the fault in our stars! i can't wait to see it in the movie theater- i hope they don't ruin it!!! i am reading revolutionary road- not exactly a new book, but so well written!


Chloe Moon said...

I have to read Gone Girl before the movie comes out and the trailers that might give too much away!! =)

Melinda DiOrio said...

I heard Gone Girl was really good. I do have recommendations! I just posted today the books I'm planning to read this year.

Fabulous Petite said...

I have heard too that Gone Girl is good. I may have to check it out myself.


rooth said...

Oh I wondered how Far from the Tree was - glad to hear you liked it

Claudz said...

I have been searching for a book to read. Will definitely be trying the ones on the list.
I haven't found a great book in a while. Besides the Maggie O'Farrell ones

Sally said...

Happy new year Krystal! Hope you had an awesome break :)
I'm definitely going to try to read a bit more this year, this recommendations looks great! I read Gone Girl too, ohmigosh, that ending!!

Jane said...

i heard so many good things about gone girl. gonna have to check it out!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you mentioned two of my fave books - gone girl and fault in our stars. so so so good!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

So wanna read Gone Girl. I must order it NOW.

Manda said...

I've only ever heard of Game of Thrones. Shameful?

I tend to be one that browses the library shelves looking for a book that calls my name :)

Manda from Eat Cake

Lauren said...

I LOVED Gone Girl! Haven't read The Fault in Our Stars yet, but I keep meaning too.

Crystle Ardoin said...

I still need to buy my husband the Game of Thrones book series. His sister read them all and LOVED them. I'm not sure if I'd read any further than I've watched on HBO, all my favorite characters are gone :(

Cam Coury said...

LOVED the Fault in Our Stars!! So good!



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