Top 5 Books of 2013

Here's a list of my top 5 books from 2013 (you can see the top 5 from 2012 here). Seeing as how I spent HALF the year reading Game of Thrones I had to give it a spot, even though its not my normal reading genre (butimean, its good)

1. Far From the Tree - Probably the most interesting book I've ever read - on the identity of parents and parenting children with different challenges (dwarfism, deafness, giftedness, autism, etc) - this gave me a completely different perspective on each of the 'disabilities' written about.
2. Replay - on what it would be like to keep living life over and over again (and being aware of it) - want to try it with that lost love? new career? it definitely makes you think a little.
3. Gone Girl - the ending. oh my gosh.
4. The Fault in Our Stars - Some teen lit for you - but very moving and will make you cry.
5. A Game of Thrones - do I need to explain this one?

Do you have any recommendations for 2014?