Some Cool Links

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What what! It's Friday! I'm full on Wes duty this w/e as marks in the US, but it's cool...I'm sure we'll find something crazy to do crazy things people can do with toddlers.
Here's some fun links that I ran in to around the web this weekend...keep it real! 

+ the prettiest apartment i've seen in awhile
+ killer resume design 
+ ha! and this is how you silence twitter haters...
+ the most scandalous golden globes dress? yay or nay?
+ 5 Seemingly unimportant things you do that make people like you - good read!
+ Guy dresses like Gap mannequins, goes viral
+ Parenting and Wedding magazines get the parody treatment: finally!
+ Where you can publicly drink in the USA
+ on why she takes selfies and beauty - i loved this.
+ The best countries for healthy eating
+ Very cool before and after small city bedroom loft
+ 5 year old drum major works the field...ha!
+ An amazing staircase in Sicily
+ 23 reasons society is crumbling
+ 105 best free fonts
+ the most amazing california coast pictures EVER.

Village this Week
+ Very interesting maps
+ Green Pizza with a Cauliflower crust recipe
+ A good branding job
+ On why this guy bought a house in Detroit for $500
+ Pictures of my son and dog
+ Vanilla Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe