Sally Harless

To adorn the walls of your little people, or maybe even yours...I would love for Wesley to grow up thinking stars might be in a fox's belly. My friend won a print and I ran across Sally Harless and her prints on Facebook - so glad I did!

Speaking of little people,  Marks been traveling for work soooo I've been a single mom for a week and a half so far to this toddler kid who all of a sudden is a super picky eater.  This is not for the weary. I will naively (because 2 weeks is NOT comparable) say that single moms are my serious heroes, with all sincerity.  The amount of threats covered with a sweet voice and smiles is off the charts about now because if he throws that thing in the garbage one more time i will lose. my. shit. I actually think he's never seen me super annoyed until this and so he keeps doing it because he's trying to compute what is going on. I feel bad until he laughs. Because I think he thinks I'm trying to be funny.

ANYWAY, anyway, anyway, did I tell you that I had a dream that I was a Kardashian sister and James Franco was living with us temporarily and we fell in love? And then I woke up actually with in-love feelings - it was very dramatic. And now I need these james franco leggings