French Vintage

Abby in France! My new favorite vintage Etsy shop.  I can't stop drooling over the vintage Charles et Charlus leather bags, its true.
Anyway, I was so impressed with the selection - I can tell that its carefully curated - that I emailed Abby to get the story. I'll share her response here because I really couldn't explain it any better - thanks for taking the time to answer!
We don't really have thrift stores here; we have some weekly and monthly flea markets. I am just home for lunch between two of them now. As an American i am a big fan of french savoir faire, whether it's the bags I find, the jewelry, the antiques, or the paintings. Also, there's always a really good vibe at the flea market, which makes a marked contrast with how the french usually are! And, I feel like I am doing a good deed by making all these things available as well as giving them new life...which is called OCD. But anyway, this area in the north of France is known for its seemingly endless supply of antiques.
 So there you have it - this is definitely a store to watch...and buy me bags from.