Cross Country Skiing

Did you have a good weekend? I tried Cross Country Skiing for the first time (at Melchsee Frutt) - My friend Janine and I took lessons.  I pretty much hated it. It was a 2 hour lesson and I was looking at the clock already 15 minutes in to it...and by the time we were heading back I was hating life! I had NO idea I could be so incredibly bad at something!! But then, we got to work today and couldn't stop laughing at what a sight we must have with the pom pom on my hat bobbing furiously as I "skii'd" up this hill while the instructor gliding along besides me yelling 'GLIDE! GLIDE!' and I couldn't stop laughing at all the images of Janine sprawled out on the ground...HA! I mean, it was worth it to be laughing at ourselves all day long! All that aside, it was nice to be up in the mountains for a day! Have you been?? I think I'll stick to regular skiing from now on!

(I had to make this...)