I know this is random for me, but I'm actually here today to recommend an Avon product to you...Avon! The last time I heard of it was in one of my childhood favorite movies, Edward Scissorhands ("avon calling"!)...but THEN my sweet grandma decided to make it a little side hobby which meant that I got to troll through her box of products at Christmas and this was the best thing that I ended up with. And it's .99 CENTS. Thats not even a dollar. I don't get it.
I got the wine and the rose color. I'm totally not a lipstick girl even though I really want to be - and occasionally I'll bust out this beautiful red nars color that I spent too much money on but it ends up half off after I've had the first sip of my drink...and I do NOT have the focus to keep reapplying lipstick all night (ain't nobody got time for that)
But anyway, this stuff is like a chapstick (so easy) and the color is amazing. (the rose one I'll be wearing all summer, it made me feel like a j.crew model basically)

but ANYWAY again, I thought I'd recommend it because its super cheap and I really like it. And if you want to buy it you can order it through the sweetest grandmother ever at her Avon website which is here