Adult Bounce Castle

Aaaaand you guys, I need to do this. My friend found it while pinning things for our upcoming Berlin trip - we were so excited for like, a minute, until we found out it was part of an art installation and that it had gone already.

William Forsythe, Dana Caspersen and Joel Ryan teamed up to create this concept - which was more about choreography and movement through space, color, sound - and ended up making the guiness book of world records. Originally debuted in 1997 in London it has been popping up as an art installation in different European Cities (last spotted in Berlin in the summer of 2013).

On another note, I'm a little sad because I realized (again) that I keep pinning things and forgetting to change the comment, the one under the picture - and so i bet a bunch of my pins say something in a style that I'd never say, and not how'd I say it. yikes.

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