Merry Christmas & Little Blog Vacation

Luzern, sunrise
Merry Christmas, players!

I truly hope you guys have a beautiful next few weeks. We are flying to the USA (with a 14 mo. old. on an airplane. in coach. during the day. i'm going to need a lot of wine) and will be there until the 3rd. I'm going to take a break from posting and focus on consuming all the dunkin donuts and buying all the things at Target (and visiting family!). I'm so excited to be in the US for a couple of weeks with Wesley, I can't wait for him to get to be loved on by our friends and family!
And as we start a new year - I'm thankful for you and the past year with Village. Thanks for sticking with me even though my posting is erratic at best (at least it is to me, who feels half focused) and even though I've been horrible at commenting on your posts (although I am reading!). I'm excited for 2014, new ideas, new health and running goals, finding a new blog look, new energy, organizing a little better, and being more personal I think. Life is too pretty to not share and connect over. But what I'm most excited about for the new year - are all the things that we'll do that we couldn't even possibly imagine now and that don't even exist in our brains...I love looking back on a year and all the fun times that I couldn't have even dreamed up. Life can be so beautiful!
What are your aims for 2014? (I can't say resolutions because I never keep them)

So farewell for now everyone, see you on the other side!