Gift Ideas: Paper

Happy Weekend! Instead of the normal links I'll be giving you some Christmas Gift ideas, because lets face it, this is the last weekend you can order anything safely, right? Good luck, hope you are on top of it (unlike moi).

First up is for paper loves...aka me, and probably you, who doesn't like paper? I still remember loving to get in to my grandmas paper and pen stash...I LOVED that drawer. Something about owning fresh notebooks makes you think you have endless possibilities...of what, I don't know...but give me any kind of unused paper and Im happy.

1. Field Notes Subscription
2. a Debby Carlos print 
3. Aviator Stationary
4. Tomorrow 2014 planner (these are my fave)
5. Travel Journal
6. Polka Dot Stationary
7. Notebook
8. Whatup Stationary