Not quite the blue hour...but almost. A peaceful walk with the brown dog and my little person, while said little person sang softly through our neighborhood. I'm not one to say cheesy things, but his little sing-song voice is the best most heart warming thing I've ever heard. He wakes up in the morning and does this song too, while he's waiting for us to get him up, and most of the time, I let him sing and talk his heart out for awhile before I go in there because I love listening.

And I also want to tell you, that you should always smile at babies. I have to tell you this because - well,  when we are on the train or the bus, Wesley really likes to look at people and as soon as he catches their eye he will smile away at them and usually people smile back and it makes Wesley smile even harder - but every so often, you run in to people (I think I might have been one before motherhood?) who just don't smile at babies, or acknowledge them...and when Wesley comes across one of these people he looks so confused, and a little rejected - and then my hearts breaking for him. Because can't we just keep them innocent as long as we can? Can't he just believe that everyone will smile at him and like him and that no one will ever hurt him?
Does he have to grow up and do I have to send him out in to the world? 
A lifetime of cheerios and trains and reading goodnight moon would suffice.