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Monday, December 2, 2013

Abandoned Buildings

Here is a really cool Flickr photo stream of abandoned buildings. This totally fascinates me. I remember stumbling on some abandoned houses, etc, when I was kid and we were exploring random places - super eery but exciting nonetheless.

On another note, I'm have bigtime problems with Google (i dislike you more and more google!) because my credit card that automatically renewed my domain name has expired, so without telling me they suspend my account (or maybe this happened when my blog was blocked that one time)...anyway, I don't have access to it to update the payment forever and ever running in circles, I've set up a new account so hopefully all is resolved soon. or else I'll have a new web address.  Google has pissed me off in 2013 reader?! google home page?!
Shannon Boyce said...

I love the odd beauty of them. Great pictures!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

Oh gosh, I many changes with Google makes me a bit more upset with them.

On a happier note, I think the concept of this abandoned buildings photo stream is fascinating too! I would love to see the history...


Matthew Pike said...

I've been there with the google domain renewal thing too. It's so complex to log into the account that you registered with, not sure if you had that problem but i could log in and see i needed to renew but like you the card was going out. but then i couldn't get to the bit where i swapped cards because it was another email attached to the domain, not account. round and round in circles i went. i managed it in the end but it took about a month to figure out. Good luck!

Great snaps. I did a whole uni project on this subject. You ever been this forum?

Buckets & Spades

Nanne said...

There is so much beauty in these photos! I'm not too happy with Google myself these days.

brittany said...

i am sooo fascinated by these!! and uhhh i hate those frustrations for you!!! google can be so frustrating!

Ashley said...

Google better be careful or we're gonna have a blogger riot!

Blicious said...

Im obsessed with abandoned buildings!


Elle Sees said...

i am obsessed with these too! as a kid, i found an old house that was where the help lived, and it was full of this amazing china.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Love abandoned buildings. Slightly creepy yet enchanted.

On the google note: You are the 2nd one with that problem I have come across in a week.



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