Weekend + Links


Links You Might Like
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+ Strangers sleeping on strangers on subways...i was smiling so much while watching this!
+ These gloves...for real. are so fun.
+ A cool apartment in London you can rent for a w/e
+ Cool mens shoes and these
+ Beautiful love letter found with an 16th Century mummy

Around Here
+ Gift Guide!!! For Nerds
+ Such pretty jelly fish photos

Hope you guys had a very happy Thanksgiving!!! We spent it eating dinner at a super nice restaurant called "The Old Swiss House" - they make the Wienerschnitzel right at your table - it's such a treat to eat there.  But I definitely would have traded it for my grandma's thanksgiving dinner! So sad not being in the states sometimes.
This weekend we'll head to Germany for a Christmas market!! But then Wesleys grandma leaves on Sunday - sad for wesley as he gets super spoiled! 
See you!