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Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekend + Links


Links You Might Like
+ A touching video on what stay at home moms do all day
+ On quitting sugar
+ Strangers sleeping on strangers on subways...i was smiling so much while watching this!
+ These gloves...for real. are so fun.
+ A cool apartment in London you can rent for a w/e
+ Cool mens shoes and these
+ Beautiful love letter found with an 16th Century mummy

Around Here
+ Gift Guide!!! For Nerds
+ Such pretty jelly fish photos

Hope you guys had a very happy Thanksgiving!!! We spent it eating dinner at a super nice restaurant called "The Old Swiss House" - they make the Wienerschnitzel right at your table - it's such a treat to eat there.  But I definitely would have traded it for my grandma's thanksgiving dinner! So sad not being in the states sometimes.
This weekend we'll head to Germany for a Christmas market!! But then Wesleys grandma leaves on Sunday - sad for wesley as he gets super spoiled! 
See you!
Ashley said...

I was gonna ask you...what shots do you have of London? I maybe want to buy a print off of you one of these days ;)

ivette said...

Beautiful photography! Happy Thanksgiving

Shannon Boyce said...

Love the gift guide :)

Lady Grey said...

such a gorgeous photo!

Matthew Pike said...

Aw yeh, that subway sleeping video makes me feel pretty good about people. Transport is awkward at the best of times so when you see stuff like this it reminds us to lighten up a little and share. Even arms!

Have a nice weekend my friend, sounds ace, Germany!

Buckets & Spades

Nanne said...

Great links! Quitting sugar is so important to one's health, which is why I'm eating low carb. I'm getting more and more aware of how bad sugar is for you. Have you watched Robert Lustig's videos on YouTube?

Barbara said...

Cool apartment!! bookmarked!!

rooth said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jane said...

sounds like a lovely thanksgiving. and i like your new blog layout! hope you have a good week ahead!



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