W/E + Links

This is the perfect weekend outfit, yes? So, good things: a friend was in town from japan, halloween, gin, discovering that I can take slow motion vid on my phone (hilaaaarious), sleep, time with wesley today, no work friday, the circus, other friends in town with their baby who I'm so excited to meet this w/e. The bad: having to bring some work home, what the heck. anyway, what are you up to?!

Links You Might Like

+ Sad Etsy Boyfriends, haha
+ Brides Throwing Cats
+ I want to visit this fam owned restaurant in italy
+ Drawings of objects by a typewriter
+ The funniest cross stitch pic I've seen!
+ Candy wrapper garland...fun idea
+ Anna Wintour halloween costume...very funny
+ Baby girl gets emotional while her mom sings...this was too precious

Around Here
+ Crispy Autumn Veggie Burgers...so good.
+ A dream house
+ A scarf
+ Gorgeous stationary (and shop)